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When You Should Consider to Remove a Tree?

How would you know when to remove a tree? It is the most common question of some residences. We all know that sometimes, trees in a yard look so unappealing. It also offers dangers. But mostly, it plays important roles. It can be our comfort, protection, and can beautify our property too. But it does not mean that the trees are forever safe. It is still dangerous in various ways. So it is necessary to remove the trees, at least, to protect the entire household. Do not put your safety at risk, like what the Calgary Tree Removal says. So these are the signs when we should remove trees in our property.

We should terminate trees because of various reasons. It might look appealing, but behind it, it delivers hazardous to us. Eliminate it, as much as possible, to protect the entire household. So check these signs on when you should remove the trees in your property:

4 Signs That Indicates When to Remove Your a Tree

Large, Dead Branches

It is necessary to eliminate it right away if the trees are full of large and dead branches.

However, 25% damaged branches can probably survive. But if it is 50% damaged, then it is the perfect time to terminate it right away.

But if the damages are less than 25%, you can remove the rubbing branches. In this way, it can prevent any severe cases or more dead branches.

Decay and Roof Defects

Are the trees hollow? If that is so, it is better to contact arborists instantly. It makes the trees dangerous. It is necessary to remove it quickly even if it is one-third rotten and hollow.

Trees under Power Lines

A tree that is growing under power lines can cause a major accident. In simple words, it is dangerous. During wet weather, there is a possibility that there will be accidents or failure in electricity. That is why it is necessary to remove the trees that are under the power lines. But let the arborists do the job for safety reasons.

Too Close to the House and Other Structures

We need to remove the trees if it is too close to the house and other structures. If it is hanging over to the roof, it can cause accidents too. However, trees should be at least 20 feet away from the structures. On the other hand, you can have at least pruned regularly to prevent accidents.

So when to remove a tree? The best answer is when the trees are becoming hazardous to the household. It does not matter if it looks appealing or not. What matters most is if it is still safe and strong.

Well, if you are experiencing one of the signs and symptoms, call arborists immediately. If you live in Calgary, Contact the Calgary Tree Removal quickly for immediate action.

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