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Tree Transplanting – Both the Small and Big Trees

First of all, transplanting a big tree is never an easy task. It requires energy, knowledge and time. Make sure you can provide this three before transplanting. Otherwise, leaving the process in the middle may harm your tree. The entire process needs root pruning before transplanting. Before you dig up the very tree, dig up another new planting pit for it. Then you carry your plant along with attached root ball and position it on that hole carefully. In the end, fill both the holes. This entire process may sound easy but you have to put a lot of effort. According to the experts of Calgary tree removal, you need to nourish the plant even after the transplantation.

Things To Take Care During Tree Transplanting Process

Please do not transplant trees if you are unable to water it at least for the first year. After the transplantation process, the plant becomes weak and thus it requires proper nourishment. However, taking care offer the lost strength back to the tree. On the other hand, before you start digging up the plant, have an idea about its size. Make sure it is of a manageable size unless you will need professional help. However, shrubs with 1 inch or less diameter and 3 feet height are easy to transplant. Further, plants of 3-4 years old are easy to move. But in the case of the heavy trees, you have to dig deep.


Transplanting Mature Trees

Mature and big trees are always hard to transplant. It would be wise if you consult Calgary tree experts before transplanting mature trees. Big trees planted on the wrong place decreases the outlook of your property. However, if you are thinking of transplanting it to another place, you would need a plan. Relocating a big tree requires your effort as well as it stresses your tree. However, with the expert team, it won’t be a nightmare for you.

The best time to transplant mature trees is either the fall or early spring. Conducting transplantation during these seasons has the chance to bring success to your operation. For the large trees, the first step is the root pruning. In the process, you have to trim the roots at least six months before the relocation. Therefore, it helps to grow the new roots near the root ball area that is meant to relocate along with the tree. For better understanding, you can contact Calgary tree experts.


Transplantation of Shrubs

Transplantation of shrubs is comparatively easy than mature trees. In this case, you don’t need to dig holes on the ground. Rather, you can easily uproot the entire shrub. However, make sure that its root ball remains uninjured. However, whether it is a mature tree or a shrub, you must take care of it for one year. Otherwise, your plant might become weak. Nevertheless, you can consult Calgary tree experts for further advice.

Hope you like our article on Tree Transplanting. In the end, if you live in Calgary & surrounding areas and are looking for relevant solutions regarding Calgary tree removal, contact the experienced team now!

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