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Soil Testing And Its Importance

Soil testing is a set of different chemical methods that declare the present amount of plant nutrients. However, this process also checks biological and physical soil properties that are good for soil health.  In other words, the chemical method determines the amount of phosphorus (P205), potassium (K20). Further the amount of nitrogen (N), available Lime content, CaC03 and sulphur (s). Apart from this, this technique determines the amount of humus content available in the soil. You can consult Calgary tree removal experts for thorough soil inspection. However, this whole process involves steps as follows

  • Collecting soil samples
  • Carrying them to the laboratory for analysis
  • Examining the result by fertilizer recommendation


Why Soil Testing is Necessary?

By soil testing, you come to know the exact amount of nutrients available in your farm soil. However, analyzing the pH is the preliminary step of this method. This determines whether your land is ready for healthy crop production or not. On the other hand, crops tend to grow healthy on various soil types having different nutrients. However, by this testing method, you will know if the soil is ready for production or not. You can use a soil testing kit to measure the pH value by yourself.


Importance of Soil pH

pH value is the amount of acid and alkaline present in the soil measuring by a scale 0 to 14. If it’s a zero that means the soil is excessively acidic. On the other hand, if it’s 14, that means the soil is extremely alkalinity. 7 implies neutral. The pH value of an ideal soil should be ranging from 6 to 7.5. However, if the pH value gets disturbed, it directly affects the nutrients present in the soil. For this reason it is very important to test your soil and know its pH value. Otherwise, you cannot help soil degradation. Even though it may destroy your crops. However, use a soil testing kit for analysing.


The Process of Soil Testing

You can test your soil in nearby laboratories or cooperative extension offices. Firstly, you have to collect soil. For taking the sample you can use sampling tube, shovel, soil auger, and soil probe. Else, other soil testing kits are also ok to use. Secondly, have soil from a depth of 5 to 7 inches. Spread the soil and remove stones, grass, and debris from it. You need to collect 1 pint of soil approximately. Mix them well in a plastic bucket. Thirdly, spread them over a dry paper and let them dry well. Most of the laboratories prefer dry soil, with minimum moisture. Lastly, send the sample to the experts and wait for the result.


Is it important? Why?

To conclude, knowing the right pH value of your soil is always important. By this process, you come to know the deficiency your soil has. Moreover, you can fulfil them with required nutrients. It may take years but it will definitely avoid soil degradation. For better result, you can contact the Calgary tree removal team.

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