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How to Plant a Tree Properly? Complete Guidance

Trees are necessary for our daily lives. It contributes to the environment by providing oxygen and other necessities such as food and shelter. It improves the air quality, and offers shades from sunlight and rainfall. On the other hand, trees offer many benefits for us. The more trees we have, the healthier we can live. No doubt, there are a lot of people who want to plant trees. If you are one of them, here are the basic ways on how to plant a tree properly. If you want help in planting trees, you could contact the Calgary Tree Removal.

Planting trees is not an easy task to do. It is not about putting the seeds on the soil and wait for it to grow. There are proper instructions, locations, and materials in planting trees. Before proceeding to the actual planting process, here are some factors that need to consider:

3 Factors to Consider to Plant a Tree Properly

  • Size.

Before planting trees, it is necessary to consider the length of the trees. It has something to do where and what is the capable soil for your trees. In this way, you can prevent any soil or landscape problems. However, considering the soil and the size could make the trees live longer than usual. 

  • Soil conditions

Soil conditions could affect how the trees would grow. That is why it is necessary to consider the length and the needed soil for your trees. You can contact arborists to help you with determining these all. 

  • When to Plant Trees?

Lastly, check the season. If it is summer, then it would be difficult to plant trees. It will need a lot of water due to the heat and humidity caused by the sun. However, the best season to plant trees is during spring and fall. Unlike in summer, you will not need a lot of water to maintain its healthiness. 

So, consider these factors first before proceeding to the actual procedures of planting trees. However, these are the ways on how to plant a tree properly:

Steps on How to Plant Trees

Digging the Hole

Digging a hole is not as easy as it seems. It follows instructions and procedures too. These are the proper ways on how to dig a hole effectively:

  • Locate where the trunk flares are. 
  • Measure the distance from the root mass to the trunk flare.
  • Dig a hole.

Do not place the trees so deep on which the soil is covering the flare part.

Plant High

It is better to plant the trees higher to allow the area to drain away. If you plant it deeply, it will only collect excess water. So, the root ball must be 25% higher than the surrounding soil level. Afterward, cover the roots by placing another layer of soil.

Firm the Soil and Eliminate Air Pockets

You can use your hands and feet in firming the soil around your plants. In this way, it ensures that your tree is well-rooted on the soil.

You can spray water to the hole after backfilling it. It provides moisturization to the soil and helps to eliminate the air pockets. It prevents any dead roots that can cause damages in your trees.


Mulching is the best and effective way to maintain moisture. It keeps the roots cooler too. Mulch is one of the necessary equipment in planting a new plant or tree.


Fertilizing the trees is optional. In planting trees, you should concentrate on the root first.

Well, planting trees is not that easy. It needs to follow proper instructions. But if you want to plant trees, you could ask help from the arborists like Calgary Tree Removal. You can also reach out to us for tree services in Calgary and surrounding areas.


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