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Land Clearing

Calgary Land Clearing

Land clearing involves the removal of trees and brushing particular pieces of land. Depending on the purpose, size, and location of the property, the job may need Calgary tree removal services.


Common methods of land clearing


Pushover involves the use of major equipment of construction. The trees will get hauled and pushed off the ground with roots remaining intact. After removing the trees to a central location, they go for sale or ground to become mulch.

Cut and Grind

It involves cutting down trees in a particular area. In most cases, trees go to a processing area; nevertheless, the stumps get left in the ground to serve as mulch. Besides, the stumps can get pulled by use of the construction machinery.

Initially, people used to burn the land for purposes of clearance. Nevertheless, many governments no longer allow it in the world because of environmental concerns and fire hazards. Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are other methods of land clearing you can use today.


This method is perfect for small plots. With the chainsaw, big trees become easy to handle. However, the stumps and roots will remain.


If employing an excavating firm is very expensive, it is prudent to consider renting the backhoe. Make sure that it has a front end loader with a fork and rake. The rake is crucial for clearing minute objects, the loader for digging, and the fork for transport. You need to be careful with the rake not to destroy the soil. In case it is hard to use the backhoe, you can rent Calgary tree removal services to help you.


This is an alternative to traditional methods of clearing land. It is cheap, comfortable, and fast. Does not create heaps of refuse. It does not use chemicals, employ burning, and cause harm to the topsoil. New designs of mulching put minimal pressure on the ground. In the place of hard soil, it makes it rich with the mulch which comes from the chipping of trees and stumps.

Land clearing in Calgary is a crucial process in residential and commercial property development.

Homes have surrounding areas and backyards that are empty or have an undergrowth or shrubs. In this situation, land clearing is useful because the procedure removes the trees, shrubs, bushes, stumps, and the underbrush to make the land suitable for construction and gardening.

Land gets cleared for constructing buildings, restaurants, parking lots, and other commercial buildings. Calgary commercial land clearing is a significant part of Calgary tree removal services company, and the company has a lot of experience in this field.

You need to let Calgary tree removal services to handle all your land clearing tasks. It is hard for you to have all the required equipment to do land clearing. Therefore, however small the job is, you need to consider contracting Calgary tree removal services to handle it for you.

If you wish to do land clearance by yourself, you will need a chain saw that necessitate training for safe operations. Remember that there are a lot of deaths every year from trees during cutting because they snap and fall on people cutting them. If you employ Calgary tree removal tree services, the hazard will not be there, and there will be no risk of burning or hauling it.


The things you need to know

After deciding to clear land, you have to check with the government if you need permits. They might also be having regulations that guide debris disposal.

There is the possibility that you can log your timber if it is useful for commercial purposes. If that is true, before you clear the land, you should consider getting a few timber logging estimates. You need to be careful because logging companies can leave a mess behind and you will have an extra job of finishing the land after completing the task.

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