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Important Tree First Aid Solution After A Storm

After a massive storm hits your place, you need to take a few essential steps forward. In the aftermath of the giant storm, you might think of cleaning all the mess in the garden. However, such hasty decisions may risk your life. On the other hand, if you do the right things your damaged tree may get another life to survive. However, you can contact the Calgary tree removal team for help regarding the clearance of the mess around. However, to first aid your trees after the storm requires safety technique. This is because; some of the half-broken branches may fall upon you. So keep safe and live healthy with an expert team.

Don’t Try To Do All Alone

Whether you are an expert or with related knowledge, it is always dangerous to explore your garden after a storm. However, if you find any hanging or broken limbs it will need a chainsaw to bring it down. Leave such heavy work on the expert team. In fact, it is always better to contact the Calgary tree doctors as they possess more experience than you.

Take Necessary Precautions

Gardens and yard often become a danger zone after a huge storm. So if you are going into the woods, make sure to follow safety rules. Have thick boots on legs. Keep looking up and down. Maintain distance from any hanging limbs or branches. Keep a safe distance from high voltage cable lines and electric lines. However, if you don’t know the use of a chainsaw, ask an expert team to bring down the hanging limbs. Remove the broken branches that are still attached to the trees.

Mend The Torn Bark

Torn bark often becomes the place for the insects to hide. Also, this decreases the appearance of the tree. However, you can use a sharp knife or a chisel to remove the wound. Make sure you don’t expose the cambium more than necessary. On the other hand, try to control your urge to see your tree back to the normal getup. Don’t worry if your tree looks a bit odd with branches gone. Yes, the tree may look naked and unbalanced but relax. They will automatically heal and will be back to their natural beauty. However, if you want more improvements instantly contact Calgary tree doctors now!

Never Ever Try To Top Your Tree

This is perhaps the most important rule to ensure your safety. Expert owners often tend to cut all the branches. This is because reduced branch prevents the limbs from future breakage. On the other hand, topping tree declines the quantity of foliage. In other words, a topped tree that has undergone tremendous storm damage loses its recovery strength. Gradually it fails to regain its natural beauty. So it is always wise to consult the Calgary tree doctors.


To conclude, if you want to nourish your trees after a storm, make sure to follow these above tips. Moreover, you can also consult Calgary tree removal to play it smart.

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