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How to get rid of tree stumps with Epsom salt

Epsom salt is one of the most common things found in home footbaths. Still, it has a variety of uses apart from being used in the household shower room. It can be used for gardening as a soil conditioner, but if used in a more potent dose, it can also help you get rid of plants and tree stumps without any hassle. Suppose you are thinking about mixing Epsom salt with water. In that case, you can kill off a persistent tree stump that continues to grow no matter what other methods you have used. 

If you are thinking about getting rid of tree stumps with Epsom salt, this is the right blog for you. 

How to get rid of tree stumps with Epsom salt

What is Epsom salt?

Epsom salt, also known as magnesium sulphate, is an inorganic salt that consists of oxygen, magnesium and sulphur in its constituents. It can be used for various uses in the home, but it is mostly used for gardening. The amount of sulphur in Epsom salt helps maintain the soil of its sulphur levels. The magnesium helps in the growth of plants. 

However, too much of this salt can kill the plants which you are trying to grow. However, if you are trying to look for ways on how to get rid of tree stumps with Epsom salt, then this is the right place where you should be looking for such answers. 

Too much of Epsom salt would draw out any moisture present in the soil and thus cause the stump to be ridden of all its resources. It will eventually remove any moisture from the stump and cause it to dry and rot eventually. This method is beneficial when you are looking forward to getting rid of a tree stump. 

How to remove tree stumps with Epsom salt

Tree stumps continue to grow even after the tree has been cut down. Cutting a tree only removes the top portion. Still, its root system is far beyond visibility. A mature tree continues to grow as long as it has an active root system. The tree’s root holds on to life and sucks up all the nutrients from the soil to ensure its regrowth. It is often seen that sapling sprouts from the roots to stump cluster together to find various sources of nutrition from above the ground to help feed the roots. This clustering of samples is not a good thing since it can cause a cluster of large trees if not kept in check. However, you need not break your axe while trying to cut down such trees or clusters or even spend big bucks to help you with this issue. 

Using a simple Epsom salt solution, you can either kill the tree or let it rot, making it easier for you to break the tree apart or permanently remove. 

How to get rid of tree stumps with Epsom salt

Epsom salt (also known as magnesium sulphate) is often used as a soil conditioner while gardening. The use of magnesium or sulphur is ensured to increase the plants’ yield, which is often hampered due to the deficiency of magnesium in the soil. Like various other things in life, too much of anything is wrong! Providing too much Epsom salt on the ground decreases resources and leads to the death of a plant. Of course, if you are targeting to kill the tree stump, this is a perfect way. Epsom salt has unique criteria of pulling away any of the water from the soil and tree surroundings. It will not only make the stump deficit of various resources, but it will also pull out any moisture stored in the stump itself so that it eventually dries up and rot. 

Epsom salt stump removal with the help of salt injection

You can also apply this method to ensure that you can get rid of tree stumps more effectively. 

Step 1: Drill a few holes on top of the tree stump. Ensure that the drills are made by keeping a few inches gap in between them. 

Step 2: Directly pour some Epsom salt inside the holes to fill them. 

Step 3: Pour some water on top of the Epsom salt inside the holes to ensure that the salt doesn’t push its way back up. Ensure that the solution inside the tree stump is moist but not saturated. 

Step 4: Cover up the stump with a tarp to prevent any rainwater seeping in and making the Epsom salt runoff from the drilled holes. 

How to get rid of tree stumps with Epsom salt

If you do not want to hassle yourself by drilling holes, we have another way to provide you with the right information on how to get rid of tree stumps with Epsom salt. 

Step 1: With the help of an Epsom salt solution, water the stump. Making a solution is more comfortable since it ensures that the surrounding soil and the tree, can suck up the salt solution. 

Step 2: Mix 1 gallon of Epsom salt along with 2 gallons of water in a bucket. If you keep the salt concentration to water at a high rate, then the solution would be more potent. 

Step 3: Pour this solution on top of the stump and around the roots. 

Step 4: Cover the trump with a tarp. 

You need to repeat this whole process every week to ensure that the tree stump dries up and eventually rots.

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