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Emergency Tree Removal

Emergency Tree Removal

Hazardous conditions of weather can make the trees to fall and result in situations that are dangerous. For this, declining trees which you cannot save or dead trees that are close to residential areas should get cut before windy storms knock them down. Each year, a few trees fall on residential houses, power lines, structures, and buildings. The majority of homeowners that face these occurrences of fallen or damaged trees are unaware or frantic of what to do. The thoughts they have include;

  • Who bears the responsibility for fixing the roof at whose expense?
  • How long does it take to fix the roof?
  • Is Calgary tree removal services available to handle emergency tree removal?
  • Is there damage cover to the property?
  • What is the liability and responsibility incurred when a tree falls in the neighbor’s property?
  • Is the tree yours or your neighbor’s?
  • Does the insurance company cover this?

These are common and good questions which arise when it comes to emergency tree removal. In many cases, the insurance company bears the responsibility for tree removal bills. If the tree falls on a car, fence shed, or house, it covers the damages. The home homeowner will contact the insurance company for assistance, and the insurance company will send Calgary tree removal services to the homeowner to do emergency tree removal. The homeowner will get an estimate of doing the work.

First,  when the tree falls on the house, the insurance firm will give the homeowner a contractor with the ability to handle all repair and tree aspects. In other cases, in case the home is in Calgary, the company will control everything. Lastly, the burden will fall on the homeowner, and on such occasions, Calgary tree removal services respond immediately and have the ability to do the job immediately quickly. If the tree falls on the roof, the company employs a crane to do the removal. Emergency tree removal firms with a crane operator are the best for the job.

If the tree falls through the house, the job gets carried out within hours of happening; not unless rains are pouring down at three in the morning in the dark. In such a case, the tarp is put on the damaged area of the home for the night until when there is light. Calgary tree removal service completes the job in the morning. There are a few emergency tree removal occasions and tree removal firms are always available for customers. After felling trees from the house, the contractor fixes and encloses the hole inside the roof.

What if it is the tree of the neighbor that fell on your house, who bears the responsibility? The situations can be dicey because neighbors want to maintain good relations. Technically, any tree that falls on the property of another person, it is the responsibility of that individual. Therefore, it matters not who owns the tree. In case the neighbor rejected, denied, or was negligent in removing the hazardous tree from the property after being told, he will bear the costs. The feature that the fallen tree lays on determines the person responsible for the cleanup.

To do complicated emergency tree removal in Calgary, you will have to employ our company because we have the required equipment and expertise. There have been times when massive storms sweep through the town and cause many damages of trees. The truth is that the industry of tree services is the trickiest in the world. Employing insured and licensed professional tree services is a necessity. Lives get lost, and many injuries get suffered daily in the business of trees. It is good to employ Calgary tree removal services for you to get the work done safely. 

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