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Common Symptoms of a Sick Tree

Did you know that trees can be sick too? Well, unfortunately, it has different types of diseases. And all of these deliver dangers in many ways. That is why it is necessary to identify the sick tree immediately before it can cause harm. However, the Calgary Tree Removal had already faced this many times. That is why we are ready to discuss what are the common symptoms of a sick tree. In that case, it would be easier to prevent any possible dangers caused by it.

Moreover, these are the common diseases of a tree:

  1. Leaf Rust 
  2. Powdery Mildew
  3. Apple Scab 
  4. Canker
  5. Oak Wilt 
  6. Photinia Leaf Spot

These diseases might cause great danger. It can have infections or provides various bacteria. Therefore, we must be aware of the common symptoms of a sick tree. In that way, we can have immediate action, not to make the situation severe.

These are the following common symptoms of a sick tree:

Fungi Growing at the Base of a Tree

Growing fungi at the base of a tree are not ordinary. On the other hand, we might call it a fungal tree disease. It weakens the structures of a tree, and that could be a severe hazard.

If you notice the mushroom-type at the base of a tree, take immediate action for it. You can hire an arborist to fix it for you.

Canopy Thinning

Canopy Thinning is a result of not getting enough sunlight. And probably, it could get from the pest invasion too.

That is why it is necessary to consider the location of planting trees. Make sure that it can get enough sunlight to prevent these canopy thinning problems. Other than this sunlight prevention, you can avoid this by having maintenance regularly. Use fertilization. Inspect the area, or the best idea is to lend it with the professionals.

Hollow Tree

Hollow trees might cause severe accidents. Therefore, check your trees regularly. Maybe, there are damages or decay in your trees that might cause harm to others.

If you notice the hollow part of your tree, contact the experts to eliminate the damage. And to make sure that it will not infect the other parts of the tree.

Discolored Leaves

Discolored leaves like yellow and brown are often signs of Armillaria Root Rot.

The Armillaria Root Rot can infect the root and grow into diseased roots. And it can cause decay to the entire woods. In which it can be in great damage.

Crack in Trunk

Storm damage is the common cause of the crack and broken branches. All the broken branches might cause infections and diseases. It is where the insects invade and stay. We all know the bacteria caused by it. So, eliminate those broken branches immediately.

Save your Trees

If you are experiencing these symptoms, we suggest taking immediate action. We should prevent it as early as possible before it gets worse. On the other hand, it is better to prevent it immediately before experiencing the real and severe damage.

You can save your trees by hiring arborists. The Calgary Tree Removal offers various tree services. So, protect your trees with the help of these professional arborists.

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