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All About Shearing And Pruning

Properly maintained trees look amazing and it gives a soothing view. If you own a garden and want to maintain the trees aptly then this blog is just for you. To make the trees look smart you need to undergo few processes such as shear prune, trim and cut. However, they all might sound the same but there are little differences. In fact, if you don’t understand the basic discriminations between shearing and pruning, mess can take place. On the other hand, these methods increase the appeal of your garden and it becomes more impressive than before. However, please stay tuned for a detailed discussion regarding Calgary tree removal.


What is Pruning?

Pruning basically is the practice of removing the unwanted branches of the trees. This process tends to maintain the natural shape of the tree. It shapes your shrub and gives it a fine look. On the other hand, pruning has two methods, thinning and gradual rejuvenation.

  • Thinning: Thinning is a system that involves cutting the complete branches to the ground level. This allows the shrub to get the sunlight, water, and other necessary nutrients to the bottom part. In fact, removal of the mature branches enables the new-born branches to grow.
  • Gradual rejuvenation: In this process, Calgary tree experts remove the branches from the ground level, annually. Firstly, they cut one-third of the unproductive branches in the first year. Secondly, they remove half of the remaining branches next year. And lastly, they remove rest of the unwanted branches by the last year. This method is widely applicable to old shrubs.


What is Shearing?

Shearing is a process by which the Calgary tree experts shape the trees dramatically. However, this process is entertained especially for privacy or aesthetic purposes. The experienced team removes the unwanted old branches to give the tree a smooth shape. Remember, improper pruning can invite risk to the health of the shrub. In other words, shearing aims at the new growth of the outside branches of the plant. However, it doesn’t indulge the growth on the part near to the stem. Gradually this process results in a leafless dead interior of the plant.  All in all, shearing is a perfect option for plants with barrier hedges. Otherwise, naturally delicate pruning will be right for smaller plants.


Basic Differences Between Shearing and Pruning

  • Pruning is a thorough process of removing unwanted branches of the entire shrub. But shearing aims at removing only the branches at the outer edge.
  • Pruning is to encourage growth to the shrub. But with shearing, the growth of the shrub is limited to the outer section. The interior part of the plant doesn’t develop that much.
  • Pruning is to maintain the natural shape of the plant. But shearing leads the plant towards an artificial look.


To conclude, the trees let you live on this earth. Therefore, you must not indulge in something that risks the health of the trees. So be smart and consult with the experts regarding Calgary tree removal.

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