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How To Trim Tree Branches Yourself

Trimming the tree branches is never an easy task. However, if you follow few steps you won’t require any professional help. However, trimming has been an intimidating concern for new gardeners. Do not get worried. After proper guidance, you will be able to trim the trees without other’s help. On the other hand, you need to do some research before you start. For instance, when considering the heavy tree limbs you have to pay more attention. Make sure that the process doesn’t affect the natural healing response of the tree. However, you can contact the Calgary tree removal team for a better idea.

The Healing Process of Trees

Unfortunately, trees do not heal the way humans do. The tree generates a unique callus tissue or scar when you cut off a heavy branch. This is to cover the wound to keep away diseases. This wounded part will remain as it is and the rest of the portion will continue growing. Make sure that during trimming you don’t hamper this natural process. Otherwise, the wrong method of trimming may leave your tree weak. Consultation with experts regarding tree removal will be the right decision.

Things to Consider Before You Start

Before you proceed to the action, it is always good to have a proper idea. Make sure you have all the pruning tools. You can search online for better guidance. Even if you have any special tree, research if it requires any special kind of trimming or not. For instance, flowering trees need to be pruned after the blooming season. Please note that in the case of evergreen trees you need to clean unwanted growth. Don’t prune them thoroughly.

Gather the Trimming Tools

If you are a beginner, make sure that you have all the necessary tools. However, dirty and dull tools can only damage your plant, nothing else. Some of the important tools for trimming are PS720 Trimmer plus, Hand pruners, and safety glasses.

Tips to Trim Trees By Yourself

Follow the given steps to have a perfect tree trimming for your garden.

  • Locate the tree branch that you want to trim. Before you start, point out the branch and then locate the collar. The collar of the tree is the place where the branch is growing outward.
  • Apply your machine at a downward angle. This is to save your tree from rotting. For the downward angle, water won’t be able to settle there.
  • Never apply tree removal process for the upward branches. This action allows the water to store. And this may affect the wound badly in the future.
  • Remove all the dying branches. You can easily point out the dead branches. Hence remove them to make your task easier. Moreover, you can also remove the weak and diseased branches for the healthy growth of the tree.

To conclude, trimming trees is undoubtedly a healthy process unless it harms your plant. So consult experts before you encourage Calgary tree removal for the trees of your garden.

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